Mission Statement

Meticulous restorers and manufacturers of fine Pipe Organ components for over twenty years.

GHP ASSOCIATES is a major supplier and subcontractor to the trade. Our Mission is to offer complete restoration services and replacement parts to original factory specifications. Our customer list includes many of America's most respected restoration firms. Examples of our work are present in many important organs throughout the country.


Experience and attention to detail are the hallmark of a GHP restoration.

You'll be proud to attach your name and reputation to our work. And ... we're very discreet! We never release the names of our clients to others. We're your "silent partner."

Specializing in AEolian, EM Skinner, AEolian-Skinner, Hutchings and Wurlitzer organs. We have the facilities to restore most components, including the addition of parts needed to make your units complete and original.


Today, the word "restore" is frequently misused. Some consider the simple replacement of leather and a quick coat of shellac to be a restoration. At GHP ASSOCIATES the word restore takes on a whole new meaning. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop methods and formulas for restoration that are regarded as among the best in the industry. We are equipped to handle anything from a basic rebuild to a museum quality restoration.


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